Hawke's Bay disease response underway

Date 23 October 2019

TB has been detected in several cattle herds in Hawke’s Bay since April this year, and a full disease management response is underway.

The confirmed infected herds are in the Waitara Valley and Matahorua in the northern area of Hawke’s Bay, bordering on the native forests and wildlife reservoir of the Central North Island.

All cases were detected as result of on-farm livestock TB tests. Infection has most likely been caused by contact with TB-infected possums. This is indicated by DNA analysis of the TB strain type, and by information on livestock management and stock movement data from NAIT.

The infected herds are all under close management, with tight restrictions on animal movement and intensive TB testing to ensure any other infected animals are identified and slaughtered as quickly as possible.

Herd owners on properties neighbouring the infected herds have been directly notified. Disease managers and extension staff are working with farmers in and around areas of infection risk are being contacted to organise TB tests for their herds at the earliest opportunity.

OSPRI is working closely with contractors to expand and speed up possum control work in all areas of possible disease risk. Landowners have been asked for their help in providing access to land for this work.

A dedicated website page ospri.co.nz/hawkes-bay-tb-response has interactive information on upcoming possum control work.