Government formally approves new TB Plan

Date 3 June 2016

Amendments to the National Pest Management Plan to target the eradication of bovine tuberculosis have been formally ratified by the Government.

The Crown has committed $100 million (making up 40% of the total funding required) over the next four years to support the TB Plan. Farmers will contribute $150 million (60% of the funding) over the same period, through DairyNZ, Beef+Lamb New Zealand, Deer Industry NZ (DINZ) and livestock export industry levies. The respective industry shares of the 60% funding will change each year on the basis of shifts in the relative size and value of each industry. For OSPRI and the TBfree programme, this means annual funding of $65 million for the next two years and an average of $60 million for a further 13 years, a 25% reduction from previous funding.

OSPRI CEO Michelle Edge says, ‘The reduction in funding reflects the improvements in the way OSPRI has delivered the TBfree programme to date. Alongside this there have also been significant advances in the research and science that underpin the programme. As a result, our goal under the new plan is to fully eradicate the disease.’

The key objectives of the new plan are the biological eradication of TB from New Zealand by 2055, with TB freedom in livestock by 2026 and ‘statistical freedom’ in possums (i.e. high confidence the disease is gone) by 2040.

Ms Edge says ‘Over the past few months we’ve been working with our key stakeholders to finalise details of how these policies will work in practice and the timings involved. As part of this we have also made changes to the structure of the business so that we are better placed to meet the needs of our shareholders and operate more efficiently as required by the new funding model.’

Further information about the work to implement the new plan will be shared over the coming weeks. For more details please refer to the TB plan funding factsheet.

For more information please contact:
Oliver Bates
Acting Corporate Communications Manager
0277 054995

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