Changes to TBfree slaughter levy rates

Date 1 October 2019

From 1 October 2019, the Differential Slaughter Levy (DSL) rate for Dairy changes from $13 to $10. No other levy rates are changing.

It’s important farmers ensure their NAIT accounts are up to date as the levy applies from the date the animal production type is made in NAIT, not the date animals arrive on property. Updating and recording all movements on and off farm will ensure farmers are charged the correct levy for each animal.

Why is the levy rate changing?

The Government, DairyNZ, Beef + Lamb, Deer Industry (DINZ) entered into an agreement to fund the eradication of TB in NZ providing $910m over 15 years. This funding is through a combination of fixed funding and levies charged on the slaughter of cattle.

Industry shares change each year based on shifts in the relative size and value of each industry. The funding received is also affected by cattle slaughter volumes for Dairy and Beef. Each financial year a reconciliation is made of the amount contributed by each industry.

Any identified over/under payments are then addressed through annual adjustments to cattle slaughter levies and Deer Industry New Zealand’s contribution. To keep rate fluctuation to a minimum, consideration is also given to anticipated levy income in future years.

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