Changes for managing information provider relationships

Date 8 January 2019


As part of our ongoing work to improve the NAIT system we are removing the ability for an Information Provider (IP) to assign themselves to Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) accounts.


What does this mean if I already use a IP?

There will be no change for Information Providers already assigned to your NAIT number, however from today, all new PICA - Information Provider relationships must be created by the PICA, rather than the information provider.

We encourage you to check that the information providers assigned to your NAIT number are correct and remove any that should not have access to your account.


How do I assign an IP?

If you wish to assign a new IP you can either:


What should I expect from an IP?

Information Providers, as part of their accreditation process are required to have a contract in place with any PICA for which they provide services. When using an accredited information provider to submit information to NAIT, the obligation to comply with PICA requirements under the NAIT Act, remains with the designated PICA.


Need help?

See our guidance on Managing Information Provider Relationships or call our contact centre on 0800 482 463.