Central Kaweka possum control operation postponed

Date 4 May 2018

A TBfree aerial 1080 operation proposed for the central Kaweka Range has been postponed until further notice.

The operation is designed to manage the possum population and limit the spread of bovine tuberculosis to cattle and deer in adjacent farmland in central Hawke’s Bay. It was planned for winter 2018, but has been postponed indefinitely for several reasons:

  • TBfree programme possum control resources have been reallocated to ensure the first strategic priority of the plan – TB freedom in livestock by 2026 – will be met.
  • The postponement enables wildlife control work already underway in other areas of the central North Island high country to proceed to completion, and enables efficiencies in managing the area’s TB eradication programme.
  • There are epidemiological benefits for the TB Plan in combining the Central Kaweka operation with the proposed Northern Kaweka operation. A single large-scale operation will deliver the Central North Island’s TB eradication plan more efficiently.
  • A postponement enables more research and development work on deer repellent options for mitigating deer bykill risk in the area.
  • A later operation gives researchers more time to investigate and develop a longer-term TB sentinel (deer and pigs) surveillance programme to support the possum control programme in achieving TB eradication.

A successful TB eradication programme in the Central North Island high country relies on ongoing TB control of the surrounding TB Management Areas (TMA) to ensure there is no risk of TB infection from uncontrolled areas.

As the Central Kaweka operation has been postponed, the meeting planned for 23 May, at Puketitiri Golf Club, has been cancelled.

Other 2018 aerial operations in the North Island are proceeding as planned. For further information about this work and other planned operations in your area, find your local TB Management Notice using the interactive map at ospri.co.nz. You can also find out about upcoming operations.

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