Beef and dairy farmers talk DCA changes

Date 22 March 2018

TBfree Disease Control Area changes mean Manawatu beef farmer Stu Robbie of Otapawa Station in the Manawatu only needs to TB test his beef cattle once every three years, instead of every two, saving costly musters each year.

Each year, DCA boundaries and the TB testing regime within them are assessed and adjusted according to progress in the TBfree programme.

The changes for 2018 are relatively small compared to previous years, however, the changes which came into effect on 1 March 2018 still demonstrate the strong progress to TB plan is making.

The changes affect 317,000 hectares and 1029 herds, with 31,000 fewer tests.

Stu says “The programme has been hugely effective in this region at reducing possum numbers and reducing the number of infections on properties to nil. That gives cattle farmers the confidence to carry on and maintain numbers.”

Read a media release about the 2018 DCA changes here, or see the map here.

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