August 2020 edition

Date 5 August 2020

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Farm manager supports lifetime traceability

Paul Mercer carrying calf.JPG

Manawatu farm manager Paul Mercer is staunch on the value of lifetime animal traceabilityWatch here how he tackles his NAIT obligations when calving.

OSPRI regional reshape sharpens TB response

Steve Stuart Sarah s Country

CEO Steve Stuart tells Sarah Perriam that OSPRI’s new operating model will help clear TB infection clusters such as recent cases in Hawke’s Bay.

Watch Steve here

NAIT smart for calf rearing

Meriana and Jared Ovens OSPRI News

Mainland calf rearer Jared Ovens manages his NAIT obligations by scanning animals on and off his farm and confirms the movements in NAIT on the same day. 

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New rules for using NAIT tags

Social media July 13

Do you have a stockpile of NAIT tags?  If you’re moving farm in the next 12 months now is the time to use them up. From December, you can only use NAIT tags at the NAIT location number they were issued for.

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