April 2020 edition

Date 7 April 2020

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Changes to TB testing and NAIT recording

Calve at saleyard

OSPRI has extended the deadline for recording livestock movements in NAIT from 48 hours to five days for the next four weeks. This helps farmers facing delays with transporters and meat processing, alongside drought and a national Covid-19 lockdown. 

TB testing of cattle and deer will continue as one of the Government’s ‘essential services’ in areas of high risk. Testing in areas of 'lesser risk’ may be deferred.

Possum control operations, however, will pause for the duration of the lockdown.  

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What livestock reader is most suitable for your farm?

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Which wand works best on your farm? OSPRI supported a recent review of four electronic tag readers and the results give valuable insights on performance and handling.

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Hawke's Bay TB update 

possum v cow

Hawke's Bay farmers are managing TB infections on top of drought and a national lockdown. Keep up with requirements for stock movement control, and find guidance on what happens if an animal tests positive to a TB skin test. 

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Deer farmer sets the benchmark for traceability

Justin Stevens2

For a great example of meeting your NAIT obligations, watch Marlborough deer farmer Justin Stevens and see how he uses NAIT for farm management. 

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Risk-based testing for North Island deer farmers

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OSPRI is expanding its risk-based approach to TB surveillance for deer to three areas; Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Southland. This will mean there will be no longer on-farm TB testing of deer in these areas. 

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