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Dog poisoning highlights importance of following warning signs

20 January 2016

A recent dog poisoning following an aerial pest control operation in the Taupo region highlights the importance of complying with warning signs and taking steps to protect pets. ​

Investigation underway as bovine TB found in Mount Cargill herds

4 December 2015

OSPRI’s TBfree programme is working to determine the cause of a bovine tuberculosis (TB) infection in a number of Mount Cargill herds. Slaughter and routine TB testing has identified three TB infected herds in the area.

Eradicating TB from the Upper Clutha

26 November 2015

Together with local farmers OSPRI has been taking the fight to pests in Upper Clutha with pest control operations being carried out as part of the TBfree programme. The goal of this work is to eradicate TB from wildlife in the area.

Deliberate removal of warning signs risks locals’ safety

20 November 2015

A recent signage audit of OSPRI’s TBfree Waimea-Kawhaka aerial possum control block has identified that a number of warning signs have been deliberately removed.

Government and industry team up to trial online livestock traceability tool for market access

18 November 2015

Government and key primary industry players are working together to develop an online tool that captures key information about livestock status and movements as they move through the supply chain.

Waimea Kawhaka TB control operation successfully completed

10 November 2015

OSPRI’s TBfree Waimea Kawhaka aerial possum control operation was successfully completed on 5 November 2015. Possums are the main carrier of bovine TB and may spread the disease to livestock in surrounding farmland if they are not effectively control

DOC and OSPRI join forces to fight pests in Conservation Park

21 October 2015

The Department of Conservation (DOC) and OSPRI have just completed a joint operation to battle pests in the Whirinaki Te Pua a Tane Conservation Park in the Central North Island.

Number of TB infected herd numbers at all-time record low

9 September 2015

The number of bovine tuberculosis (TB) infected herds has dropped below 40 for the first time in the history of New Zealand’s TBfree programme delivered by OSPRI.

Farmers urged to have their say on future plans for fighting bovine TB

3 June 2015

New Zealand cattle and deer farmers are being urged to get involved in how the fight against bovine TB is carried out, with a review of the Bovine Tuberculosis Pest Management Plan underway.

Flooding update

Flooding update

1 January 2015

Farmers affected by the latest flooding event are in URGENT need of GRAZING & SUPPLEMENT FEED , for some in Otago flood waters are still rising.

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