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Test and record to reduce risk

6 October 2016

Farmers buying, selling or leasing bulls this season need to manage their TB risk.

Tag calves before they travel

22 September 2016

Southland TBfree committee member Shelli Mears says too many farmers don't know their legal tagging obligations for calves going out the farm gate this spring.

Mount Cargill possum control operation

15 September 2016

A possum control operation is due to start in the Mount Cargill area in this month.

Safe yards make for happy stock handling

31 August 2016

Aerial pest control operation for Ruapehu district

31 August 2016

TBfree programme manager OSPRI will collaborate with the Conservation Department (DOC) to undertake a pest control operation over about 44,000 hectares of rugged alpine native bush in the Ruapehu district during September.

TB Slaughter Levy

25 August 2016

The differential TB slaughter levy for cattle replaces the former cattle levy and imposes different levy rates for beef and dairy animals. The new levy comes into effect on 1 August 2016.

New plan to tackle bovine TB officially launched

13 July 2016

Primary industry leaders came together last night in Wellington to officially launch the new plan for managing bovine TB in New Zealand.

Nearly 1.6 million hectares declared free of bovine TB

4 July 2016

New Zealand has taken another step towards becoming TB-free with large areas of previously infected land being declared free of the disease.

It’s important farmers and industry have their say on TB Plan proposal

23 June 2016

The future of the TB control in New Zealand is in the hands of farmers and other key stakeholders with the TB Plan proposal from the Plan Governance Group now open for consultation.

Government formally approves new TB Plan

3 June 2016

Amendments to the National Pest Management Plan to target the eradication of bovine tuberculosis have been formally ratified by the Government.

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