Report a tag issue

Farmers and PICAs are encouraged to report issues with NAIT RFID tags relating to retention, readability, durability and performance. Tag manufacturers or distributers will be notified of the tag issues and be provided the farmer or PICA’s contact details.

The tag manufacturer or distributer is legally obligated to respond to the PICA or farmer within 72 hours of being notified about the tag issue and must take all reasonable steps to resolve the issue.

Reporting NAIT tag issues FAQs 


drop a file
Must be XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX or PDF file. 2MB maximum.
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Your contact information and details of your report will be provided to the licensed manufacturer or distributor of the device to assist them in the resolution of the issue. Details of your report will be held by OSPRI and may be used to inform manufacturer licencing, device accreditation and standards issued by OSPRI. OSPRI will contact you if further information is required to assess your report.