Our company

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OSPRI is a partnership between primary industries and the government, and manages two national programmes – NAIT and TBfree. NAIT provides the national animal identification and traceability system and TBfree aims to eradicate bovine TB from New Zealand.

OSPRI has expertise in areas of:

  • Animal health
  • Disease management
  • Livestock traceability
  • Pest management

OSPRI also plays a key role in:

  • Developing policy and technical guidelines
  • Providing system and database support and management
  • Delivering livestock traceability and undertaking traceback for food safety and disease response
  • Supporting industry quality assurance through animal health and traceability initiatives
  • Undertaking animal health monitoring and surveillance
  • Delivering operational pest management
  • Implementing extension and community engagement programmes

To find out more about our priorities, see our 2018/19 Annual Operating Plan or watch the short animation below.

Company structure

  • OSPRI is a not-for-profit limited company comprising a group of companies inclusive of TBfree NZ Ltd and NAIT Ltd.
  • TBfree NZ Ltd is the statutory management agency for the National Bovine Tuberculosis Pest Management Plan, pursuant to the Biosecurity Act 1993 and the Biosecurity (National Bovine Tuberculosis Pest Management Plan) Order 1998.
  • NAIT Ltd is the designated NAIT organisation pursuant to the National Animal Identification and Tracing Act 2012.

Our strategic priorities

The OSPRI Strategic Plan 2017–2020 sets out OSPRI’s strategic direction and the investment priorities which will contribute to the sustainability, competitiveness and profitability of New Zealand’s primary industries.

The plan has been developed in collaboration with industry and with Government stakeholders. It closely aligns with the strategic and investment priorities of the beef, dairy and deer sectors, and supports a number of key Government objectives.

Six Strategic Priorities form the foundation of the OSPRI Strategic Plan. Each priority area is accompanied by a series of strategies that OSPRI will deliver on its mission. For more details see the strategic plan summary document or watch the summary plan video below.